Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the KickBack compatible with wireless charging?
    • Yes it is compatible with wireless charging, you would just need to move the KickBack down lower on your phone, closer to the bottom, instead of in the middle so that it is not blocking the charging station. We have a few links below for your reference: 
  • What is the KickBack made of?
    • The KickBack features a precision-machined aluminum swivel hinge and a premium-grade ABS plastic kickstand that is built to last!
  • Does the KickBack stay in place when in a flat position against a device so that it won't flop around (or when set as a kickstand so that it won't move)?
    • The KickBack is very sturdy so it does not flop around. It uses a very strong hinge that will keep the KickBack folded flat to your phone and also support your phone at all angles, without moving! In essence, it's strong enough to support the phone and stay folded flat with out flopping, but versatile enough so that you can adjust it to prop your phone up at any desired angle.
  • Will the KickBack work for standing up large phones and small tablets?
    • Yes, the hinge is very strong and can support even the largest phones like the iPhone Max. It even works for small tablet devices like the iPad Mini.