Phone Stand to Record Videos at the Gym

Phone Stand to Record Videos at the Gym

Do you work-out regularly? Do you wish you could hear your favorite songs using earphones while at the gym? Well, working out while holding your phone can be really annoying. Forget about entertainment, simply attending to important phone calls and messages while exercising can be a huge task in itself. Here is an ideal solution – Invest in a highly reliable phone grip.

How can a phone stand helps gym goers?

  • Sets up your phone hands free to lift weights or other equipment.
  • Makes it possible to take video calls while working out.
  • Converts your phone into an entertainment device so you can watch videos, news and more.
  • Allows you to record your workouts to track progress and improvements.
  • Can be used to live stream your workouts or capture videos for sharing on social media.
  • Mount your phone on the phone stand and switch to the front camera to capture workout selfies.

About kicktrack phone stand

kicktrack is the best friend of every gym goer. It gives convenience, flexibility and ease of use of your mobile phone while working out. It is made of high quality durable material. Pull out the stand when you need to prop up your phone and fold it flat to your phone when not in use. Light-weight and slim, it is truly the best phone stand for iPhone and Android phones. This reliable phone case does not damage your phone and can be easily attached and peeled off, as many times as you’d like!

Whether you are on the treadmill or doing push-ups, kicktrack keeps your phone accessible and around. Pump up your workouts with the right playlist playing right beside you. Prop your phone up to make sure it’s safe and not laying flat on the ground!

Discover more on how kicktrack is the ultimate cellphone holder for gym lovers. Visit website to learn more!

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