KickBack Phone Stand – Helpful for Content Creators with Recording Videos for Social Media

KickBack Phone Stand – Helpful for Content Creators with Recording Videos for Social Media

With social media having more than 1 billion users, it is not reckless to think that the world of arts is greatly involved in the ongoing buzz. With its’ rapidity and instant communication, 69% of social media users such as dancers, choreographers, and actors, who are trying to promote and market themselves, found it very useful for building a loyal fan base.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great ways for choreographers and dancers to show their talent through photos and videos. By sharing videos of their dances, they can get exposure for their talents, share experiences, and broaden the circle of people in the industry. And thanks to the technology, an individual can shoot better videos with smartphones than ever before! With high resolutions and video image stabilization, we have plenty of features to capture the best dance moments/footage possible. However, when filming with your phone, it can often be difficult to get the right angle, especially when filming alone.

The KickBack phone stand is one of the best cell phone accessories for hands-free video recording. You can try to use both of your hands to produce a steadier video but the quality of these videos tends to be low with a shaky frame. In such cases, KickBack – The Original Phone Stand & Grip plays a key role because it stands firmly on many different surfaces, allowing you to record stable dance videos, from virtually anywhere! This Smartphone kickstand can rotate in 360° to get the best angle and works with all smartphones. It plays a vital role of a phone holder while travelling and also offers a nice phone grip as an additional feature.

Nothing makes a video recording look worse than those awkward jerks and jumps which can be easily avoided if you hold your phone steadier. And KickBack phone stand makes your work easy and helps you keep your Smartphone still as you shoot freehand.

Using KickBack, you can create high-quality videos that everyone will want to watch. So what is there to wait for? Buy a KickBack phone stand and shoot like a pro in no time!


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